Why every day is a party at Vlavor
Team Talk

Vlavor originated as the hybrid of a power bank and a box mod, when James Andrews began his search for a mod that could also charge his phone.


     Seeing as you’re on our website, you’re smart enough to figure out he didn’t find one.  James told Jace Cooper they should start creating their own box mod that would act as a power bank when needed.  They eventually decided they wanted to grab the bull by the horns and take on their own full e-cig and “The Orbiter” was born. 

Vlavor's mission is to make life vibrant and exciting. We believe that every day should be a party and no one should be left out.  Join our party and become V.I.P's (Vlavor's Important People). Because we believe that every day, you should party your way.

"Every Day,  Party Your Way"